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Sewer Inspection, Clearing, and Repairs

For a seamless, problem-free sewer system, reach out to Conejo Bros Plumbing for expert Sewer Inspection, Clearing, and Repair services – your one-stop solution for maintaining optimal functionality and longevity.

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    Sewer Clearing

    Blockage Clearing All Sewer Types

    Ensure your sewer lines are free of obstructions for a smooth-running system; contact Conejo Bros for expert sewer clearing services today.

    • Residential Sewer Lines
    • Commercial Sewer Pipes
    • Sanitary Sewers
    • Storm Sewers
    • Main Line Sewer Pipes
    • Industrial Sewer Lines

    Sewer Camera Inspection

    For Sewer Pipes and Systems

    Gain unparalleled insight into your sewer lines with Conejo Bros’ Sewer Camera Inspection, the non-invasive way to pinpoint issues and plan effective solutions.

    • For Identifying Clogs or Leaks
    • For Locating the Problem Areas For Reporting and Maintenance
    • For Sewers After Repair
    • Before Real Estate Transactions
    • Municipal Sewer System Issues
    • For Diagnostic and Preventative Sewer Care

    Sewer Tree Root Removal

    Removal Invasive Tree Roots

    Safeguard your sewer lines from invasive blockages with Conejo Bros’ effective tree root removal service, ensuring clear and fully functional pipes.

    • Residential Lateral Lines
    • Municipal Sewers
    • Stormwater Drainage Pipes
    • Sanitary Sewers
    • Combined Sewers
    • Sidewalks, Yards, and More 

    Sewer Odors Smoke Test

    Identify Sewer Leaks To Stop Odors

    Uncover the hidden sources of unpleasant sewer odors with Conejo Bros’ meticulous smoke testing service, providing a non-invasive solution to detect and rectify elusive leaks.

    • Residential Drainage Systems
    • Commercial Sewer Lines
    • Municipal Sanitary Sewers
    • Sewer Vent Pipes
    • Older Plumbing Systems
    • Septic Tank Systems

    Real Estate Inspection

    Same Day Service

    Secure your investment and avoid unforeseen plumbing issues with Conejo Bros’ comprehensive sewer and plumbing inspections, ideal for pre-purchase evaluations, post-purchase peace of mind, routine checkups, and preventative maintenance.

    • Residential Properties
    • Multi-Unit Residential
    • Commercial Properties
    • New Construction
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Healthcare Facilities

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common indicators include frequent clogs or backups, foul odors emanating from drains, gurgling sounds in pipes, and unusually lush or soggy patches in the yard. Slow draining sinks and toilets can also signal an underlying issue in the sewer system that warrants a professional inspection.

    Sewer clearing typically involves using specialized tools like drain snakes or augers to remove blockages. For more severe clogs, hydro jetting, which uses high-pressure water streams, may be employed. The process includes identifying the blockage location, selecting the appropriate method to clear the blockage, and then performing the clearing process to restore normal flow.

    Common sewer repairs include fixing pipe cracks or breaks, sealing joint leaks, and removing tree root intrusions. Methods vary from traditional excavation for pipe replacement to trenchless repair techniques like pipe lining or bursting. The choice of repair method depends on the damage’s extent, pipe material, and location.

    Yes, regular maintenance, such as routine inspections and cleaning, can significantly reduce the likelihood of severe sewer problems. Preventative measures like avoiding the disposal of grease, oils, and non-biodegradable items down the drain also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy sewer system. Regular maintenance helps identify potential issues early on, preventing costly repairs and damage.